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Take advantage of my amazing offer below...

So as we all know...August is HOT!


But it's also a great month for seafood... and you know.. Chef Tony's is ALL about fresh seasonal seafood.


Aaaannnd... you know me.


I like to see people often, so I put this little idea together.


What if I offered some of our top sellers?


Our "Cadillac" plates that people love?


On SPECIAL for the month of August?


I get more people dining in this last month before school...and YOU get to try some different items at a super great price?


So I put this together, one price for a bunch of cool food.


$20.18 seems right.  For entrees that usually run $26-30


Just pick from the items you see to the left on the graphic, click through and you can purchase a certificate.


I planned to expire it at end of August...




we'll extend it to the day your kids go back to school locally...September 5th!


IF you are one of the first 100 buyers...

We will include a glass of wine up to $10 with each August Entree purchased. 
This will come as a second certificate that you may use when you come in.