Cooking Classes

We LOVE Connecting through Food and Sharing... come along on a

personal "Closed Door" session with

Chef Tony & Chef Sonia Marciante

Over 4 years of offering these fun classes, we've learned a couple things...


  • You don't have time to cook as much as you like at home...

  • You don't know WHAT to do when you get a bunch of food and it's time to cook...

  • You may need some help with PLANNING your food for the can you shop most effectively?

  • What do you do with the leftovers?  (Hint: Plan 2-3 uses for each purchase)

  • and How do I know how to buy FRESH fish?


All this and way more will be answered in your Small Group class with Chef Tony and his amazing wife Sonia.  (Sonia has over 20 years in the Restaurant Industry as well!)


Our main class happens several times a month, and we also offer PRIVATE classes if you have the need for more direct coaching.   

(CLICK the link to email Chef directly)



Group Cooking Demonstrations


Groups of no more than 12 individuals total of ALL ages and experience levels are welcome.


Plan on 4-6 Interactive Menu Items focused on building your awareness of ingredients and cooking methods.


YOU cook in our actual restaurant kitchen.


You'll also get private access to a Chef's Discussion for as long as you need with Chef Tony & his amazing Bride Chef Sonia... a combined 40+ years of cooking experience!


Ask ANYTHING you need to know to make your home kitchen experience better!


Group Classes...


  • Are $97 per person

  • Includes a Family Style Luncheon with the Chefs...

  • Follow up Email access and PDF Recipes of your Class items...

  • Lifetime access to Online Video Cooking Course w/ over 40 minutes of video training, shopping lists and bonus lessons!

  • We make available very reasonably priced wines and cocktails


This is all a wonderful way to

start your weekend right!


Tip and tax is additional to your price per person cost and it's paid at the end of class.   


We are not a "walk-in" setup so attendees must register ahead of time.


Reserving your space is a must!


Each class begins at 12:00 pm sharp,



Parking is FREE on Saturdays, directly across the street from the restaurant 


A full bar is available for purchase and we extend a 20% discount on any bottle of wine purchased.



Chef Discussions and Private Cooking Classes


Private Cooking Classes can be arranged on a one time basis or as an ongoing basis multiple times a month.


  • General rates are $75-125 per hour

  • 2 Hour minimum + cost of food 

  • Small groups can be arranged for as well


Please email Chef Tony at 

to discuss schedules and opportunities.

Upcoming Classes!

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"Dear Chef Tony....just a quick note to tell you that we thoroughly enjoyed the was great fun and I can hardly wait to test some of my new supplied just the right amount of information and, more important, you pitched it at our modest level....thanks so much..."

What do our Students say?


"My daughter and I enjoyed your class tremendously. 

The food was great and the people that took the class were

phenomenal as well."

Margie L.

Thank you so much for your interest in our classes!  


My wife and I have been VERY busy in our restaurant along with catering so we curently do not have a scheduled class....yet.


Please keep your eyes here, we'll put up our schedule as soon as time permits.


Thank you again!

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No lunch pickup or in house at this time


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