4.14.2020 Update to Latest Announcement



Our treasured guests, employees and friends...

As we head into another week of isolation, we wanted to update our amazing circle of guests, family and friends.

While we launched our seafood market to a throng of happy guests we are growing more and more worried about any exposure outside our homes.

Nobody knows how long "this thing" will be before we open back up to the public.  We absolutely CANNOT WAIT for that to happen, but as we monitor the latest news, we have decided to hold off on any more seafood this week.

We know this takes away one of our last true connections with our guests, but as we've said in the past...they are tough decisions but the right ones.

This may change for next week (expect an email if so) but for now we are staying home.

We are catching up on much needed "home projects" and I'm starting the process of writing a book!  

That being said, we have decided to close our restaurant temporarily to ensure the safety of our staff, our guests and ourselves until the risk factor subsides.

We just cannot put people at risk in this ever changing

situation until we get this virus is under control.

Please understand that running our establishment is in our DNA.  This is what we do all day, all night and part of most of our thoughts.

This was not an easy decision, but the best one.

We want to thank you all for your continued support, words of encouragement and best wishes.

We CANNOT WAIT to come back stronger than ever, serving all of you in our dining room, serving parties and encouraging our "3Cs"...

Communication, Connection and Conversation.

We're just on pause for a minute, in the grand scheme of thing this will be a blip of time in our thankfully long history.

Much love to everyone, be well, stay inside please, and protect your family.

Oh what a party it will be upon our return!

Chef Tony & Chef Sonia Marciante


seafood restaurant bethesda
seafood restaurant bethesda
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seafood restaurant bethesda

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During Covid (UPDATED 10/3/20)


Tues - Sat 5 - 8:30 pm
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"Promenade" Opening October 2020

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