Local Partners

Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company 


Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company came into Chef Tony’s by “chance” when one of the founders dined with us. We were looking for a Local Coffee experience, and a relationshiop was formed. We loved their “H2O” initiative that gives 2% of GROSS revenues in support of community organizations and groups that are helping make a measurable impact to the health of the Chesapeake Bay watershed.


Chef Tony’s has continued to suport their products for several years now, we’re happy it’s GREAT coffee, coupled with a great cause.


Moorenkos Ice Cream Company


Through a mutual connection, Chef Tony met the son of Moorenkos founder, Susan Soorenko at a business breakfast.  Since Chef Tony’s serves ice cream, we want it to be the best.. a tasting and site visit was in order!


After seeing the obvious quality and tasting the product, we HAD to carry their amazing 17% butter fat PREMIUM ice cream!


Supporting this locally owned family Ice Cream producer is a no brainer… we’ve enjoyed their creative flavors for years now.  To see them grow and know we’re a small part of their story is amazing…

Smooth Ambler Spirits


Being passionate about our products, we respect other industry partners that do the same.  The founders of Smooth Ambler have a real passion for creating spirits and use local products when possible, just like us!


We saw the difference in their products, and are proud to use them in our cocktails.


Here’s a quick video that we enjoyed about their brewing process.

Cherry Glen Goat Cheese


Chef Tony visited the goats at this locally owned and produced Goat Cheese Farm.  Award winning cheeses get raves at our restaurant.  All cheese is made with 100% Ameican ingredients and all vegetable rennet & enzymes.


We love their cheeses with Warm Flatbread, excellent Olive Oil, some Balsamic Reduction and Local Honey.  Amazing.

Baxter Soft Shell


Chef Tony’s relationship with this hyper focused supplier goes back 15 years.  Baxter Soft Crab is the supplier to many top tier restaurants in the DC market.  90% of their business relys upon supplying Blue Crabs that are “soft” due to the molting stage of growth.  Delivered live and kicking, these gems are available about 6 months a year, we’re excited to showcase them on our daily changing menu.

War Shore Oyster Company


Chef Tony’s connects with great suppliers all the time.  When the need came to add Top Quality Local Oysters, War Shore came across our radar.


Grown in Virginia, these beautiful oysters come direct out of the water on Wednesday for delivery on Thursday.   You just can't get them any fresher than that!

Oyster Recovery Partnership


Did you know that recycling just 1 oyster shell can help spawn up to 10 NEW OYSTERS?


We do...that's why we're a Proud Contributor to this wonderful organization.

Recycling Oyster shells and depositing them back into the Chesapeake Bay helps restore the oyster population, filters Millions of gallons of water a year, and helps to build the fish & crab population that Maryland is SO known for.


Check them out here!

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