Chef Tony's Consulting delivers ground level measureable results that lead to more profits,

a more  organized environment and a better lifestyle through efficiency and systems.

Potential Situations...


  • Your restaurant is in start up mode and you don’t know where to turn first.

    • What should things cost?

    • How do I hire Smart?

    • Location Woes, finding your best place.

    • Licences? Tax Accounts? Sanitation? Liquor licence?

    • Food & Bar Menus...where do I start?

    • Branding Impact

    • Email Marketing?  PR messaging...

    • How do I get on TV?


  • Sales are lagging, you are unmotivted, the concept is tired and need of a refresh.

    • You feel like a slave to your own business...

    • Family is involved?  Tough relating to them?

    • Vacation is a foreign language....How can you break away?


  • Operations are killing you, life is lived outside your restaurant schedule, the future looks bleak.

    • Time to refresh, do you need an outside view and action plan?

    • Do you have automation involved in your marketing?  Why not?

    • Are you attracting Banquet/Catering business?  Why not?

    • Wouldn't better sales allow you to hire more staff?


  • You have a new food business you want to launch and need solid, lean guidance to launch.

    • Catering/Food Truck or another non location based food business?



The Solution


  • We’ll quickly analyze your situation, providing quick budget friendly solutions to garner immediate results.


  • CT’s Consulting knows Guerilla marketing, and will expose low hanging fruit to drive sales to your business.


  • CT’s Consulting can do a competitive analysis on your market, and will find ways to maximize what excites you (or excited you) to dominate that niche.


  • CT’s Consulting knows what hard work it takes to make a profitable restaurant exist, we’ll help understand workflow in your building and operation to maximize output and reduce hours spent doing inefficient tasks.


  • We will get you up to code on health inspections, liquor inspections and personnel management.



We have over 26 years of ground level experience operating large and small foodservice operations, generating healthy profits and a network of other industry experts to pull from should the need arise.


We are a lean company, providing maximum delivered value without extra expense.  Our agreements are results driven and aggressive.


Hands on approach TEACHES through our program, giving YOU the tools to continue...we know this from years of expeirence working with clients and other industry experts.                   


Working with Chef Tony


Getting involved with Chef Tony’s Consulting is very simple.


  • Contact us via email at

  • Fill out our Discovery Form giving us some basic parameters of your situation and what you see our scope of engagement being.

  • We setup a strategy call of 30 minutes to determine the fit.

  • A simple agreement is reached, we get to solving your challenges.



Chef Tony's Gurantee to You


If during the process, you see need for a pivot or change, we will  investigate that opportunity and change if necessary. As this is a coaching situation, we can only be the facilitators of change.  You will often determine the outcome by your willingness to accept change and implement new strategies.


Either way we want to earn your complete satisfaction with our representation.


Chef Tony is confident that his strategies and real world experience, coupled with hands on approach will give you a potential return of 5-10x your investment. The value of this consulting work will become evident aswork together to acheive maximum sales returns, time savings and technology improvements that move your business forward.

seafood restaurant bethesda
seafood restaurant bethesda
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seafood restaurant bethesda

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