So just to make sure it's clear...

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You'll be on our restaurant ordering site, directly at the 3 pack of Pupusas.

You'll pick your flavors, each order comes with curtido (cabbage) and the spicy tomato sauce traditionally served.

You can also add individual pupusas to an already placed order, we are not selling any orders less than a 3 pack

($10.95 + tax)

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Yes! They can be reheated!

Upon request...

we can sell uncooked...

(easy to cook at home)

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Thank you for your understanding. 

Chef Tony & Chef Sonia

Dear Chef Tony,

I had my First Ever Pupusa last Saturday.  I ordered the pork/cheese and the bean/cheese and both were so delicious!  


What a specialty Sonia makes!!  The roasted pork was seasoned perfectly and so tender.  The dough was so light inside with a nicely browned caramelized outside.    

The pepper sauce and cabbage slaw were also wonderful.   My husband loved them too - he has tried many pupusas over the years and says Sonia's are the best he's had!  Please thank Sonia for us.  


Can't wait to have them again.  

Karen E.

Bethesda, MD