What Are Restaurants Really About?

First of all, welcome to our new site, we hope you enjoy...

One nice benefit of my site redesign will be my easier access to blogging and communicating with my guests... as a veteran of over 26 years in the business, it's what I appreciate the most.

No better post to lead this off with than today..

"What are restaurants really about"...

Many will say...

  • a place to eat...

  • a place to socialize..

  • a place to make money...

  • a break from "everyday"...

As I hit 26 years of doing this, I realize more and more that my view on WHY I'm in the restaurant business has WAY more to do with connecting with people on multiple levels, than just feeding them. No matter how great my seafood it, it's really more than that. Sure it's a bit of ego to know that what I'm doing is well accepted by people, but on a deeper level, I love to connect. I love to see people having a great time within my walls, connecting with my food, ambiance and others in the room.

For that reason, I share today a pretty amazing occurrence.

Several months ago we got a call from someone about getting some food to go. Ok, no grand gesture, we do that often.

Well it seemed that this person lived pretty near by, wanted to get a pretty large order, but didn't want to go through our delivery service.

Because I wanted to do the right thing, and get the business as well, I said I'd go ahead and deliver it myself.

Fast forward through the minute details, we got all the necessary information, and when I went to deliver the food, I was greeted by a fairly frail man at the door, he invited me in and I presented the lunch to his guests. Turns out that the "guests" were actually the home owners, and we'll call the gentleman I encountered "Bill", apparently he was their house guest.

We exchanged some conversation, they had all been to the restaurant, and really appreciated the delivery. Bill paid the bill and stuffed some money in my Chef coat pocket as a tip...completely unnecessary I assured him, but he insisted.

As Bill walked me to the door to leave, he stepped outside and with a very deep look, told me that he was fighting cancer, and had about 4 weeks to live.

Boom! WHAT? How do I react to that??

Then Bill goes on to tell me that his friends inside he's known over 30 years, THEY didn't know yet, and I was actually the 5th person on the planet to know that fact about him.

DOUBLE WHAT??! WHY ME? I was floored, we shared some very frank conversation, and I said some very heartfelt "thank you's" and I walked away.

I sat in my truck outside and just stopped. I'll admit I teared up, and soaked in the breeze, blowing leaves, and the fact that I was alive. I felt honored and confused at the fact that Bill had bestowed on me such a heavy fact. Why me? I just kept thinking...What do I do with this?

Part 2 very soon...

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