New Location for Chef Tony's?? 2017...sure

September 24, 2014

I appreciate you.  I always have, and always will.


But unfortunately you, and others like you...may have heard some mis information.


As we are prone to do, most people don't read the "whole" story.


Recently, a story came out in Bethesda Magazine online, and it's premise was that our building that houses our restaurant and the business next door, Pizza Pass..


WILL EVENTUALLY be turned into a large building (high rise)... 


Yes, it's true...BUT please be clear...


it's 24-36 months away!




We're here for a long time still, and we'll look forward to another restaurant location in Bethesda at that time.


We LOVE our guests, and would APPRECIATE if you share the image above, share our story and make sure it's clear...


We're here and loving what we do!


Also be clear, we're staying busy, but we'd HATE to think that anyone would be misinformed, and miss out on our AMAZING RESTAURANT!


Thanks for reading, can you share and post up for us?  



Talk soon,

Chef Tony Marciante






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