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Fear of an Oyster

(and how this can help your busines)

As a Chef, I’m considered an artist, business man and screamer.

The last part is NOT true...mostly.

So as I offer my creative artistic dishes, I need to keep in mind that this is a business too!

Part of my daily routine is introducing people to new types of foods..mostly seafood since that’s my thing. I’ll get the occasional “oh, I don’t eat oysters”...

“Have you ever HAD one?” I’ll push…

“Well no, but you know?!” she says..

“No...I don’t..what? The texture?... that Silky Smooth Amazing Briny Treasure?” I retort.

“Well yeah, isn’t it all ...I dunno..slimy?”.. as she peers over her glasses at me.

“No, it’s amazing, and I’d be honored to have you try some...shall we?”

“Well...okay, sure, just one…” I smile. (and have a slightly evil laugh playing in my head)

Hey listen, it’s nothing Devilish, just that I get great satisfaction that I can break down some PRE-ASSUMED barriers for this situation. She’s just making assumptions that she won’t like it, and possibly remembering some friend 20 years ago that swore she wouldn’t ever eat an oyster...or whatever.

Like I told my Granddaughter (yes, I know I look too young!? thanks.. married into a large amazing Spanish family..but more on that later).

“You can’t ever say you don’t like something until you try it…
then whatever you feel is cool…”
a Chef Tony original…

So one day we tried Hot Sauce on our Pancakes.

It’s not THAT crazy is it? Sweet & Spicy? Like many Asian dishes? Hey, just try it.

The point of all of this might be to get you to try a new food, that would be cool.

Maybe if you discover something you can email me at I’d love to talk about it..

But on another tip here, let’s talk business! I run several businesses.. a restaurant, my online consulting & marketing, and an amazing Podcast called CreativeEntrepreneur.Buzz with my Co-Creator Mali Phonpadith!

How would my career be if I never tried anything new? Anything that scared me? Anything that wasn’t already PROVEN to work? How could I exist like that?

That answer is that my career might just be a flop, boring, and controlled by someone else.

As an Entrepreneur, I HAVE to embrace change...I have to embrace new things, and at least try them (remember the oysters?)

I HAVE to understand that I don’t have all the answers, and there are PLENTY of people WAY smarter than me. I LOVE to be the “dumbest” guy in the room, that let’s me learn all sorts of new things to TRY…(remember the hot sauce and pancakes?) You see what I’m doing here?? :)

So what can I challenge you to try in YOUR business?

  • How about discovering Podcasting?

  • Add in a dash of Website re-design?

  • A splash of new tools to update social media? (Scared? Don’ t be, it’s easy and you need to be there)

  • Put in two cups of a Wacky New Customer Appreciation Idea? (and how about ask your staff to come up with them, right Steve Dorfman? what a wiz…)

  • Mix it all together and try this Fall...New Years is literally like 14 weeks away… get ready.

At the end of the day, every entrepreneur needs to be fearless

(or at least supported when so.. get in a Mastermind!)..

but READY to learn, grow and be uncomfortable for a second.. for THAT is where positive change happens.

Ok, so if you don’t like something,

you can always just spit it out, right?

Don’t be locked into that old mentality that once you try something, you’re locked in! Nowadays companies have finally realized that pulling out some contract and shaking it in your face is NO GOOD for business! Everying almost is “try before you buy” and if you don’t find value in it after some time, quit!

Power to the Quitters! Trying things in this day and age has never been easier and can lead you to some amazing discoveries…

Just wake up..

and shout out!

“Remember the oysters!!”

Try something new, and tell us about it! Tell your fellow crazy beautiful and World Changing Entrepreneurs about it too, they will appreciate it!

Chef Tony Marciante

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