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Labor of Love.

September 7, 2015

Don't take this post as self serving.


Take it as a pure expression and blessing of doing what we love.


I started the restaurant in 2007, just before the recession hit in 2008.  Yep, that sucked.


We struggled as the biggest news was to "hold on to your wallet" and so much fear mongering was happening. 


Now I realize, it was VERY REAL.  People were laid off, houses were sold off at bargain basement prices, and a general tightening of belts was happening all over the place.


Luckily, through the grace of God, help from so many around me, including my amazing parents who ALWAYS support my dreams.


Either way, the point here is that we made it through, we pivoted in 2010 and became "Chef Tony's" and from there, we have risen pretty steadily and enjoy a successful restaurant today.


But surely (don't call me Shirley), it's never easy.


We work really hard, we stress at times, we celebrate at times.


I could NEVER do it without my amazing wife Sonia.


and my staff...and my landlord...and my suppliers.


You are hopefully getting the picture.


We labor every day, and hopefully we do it with passion.


I not only run my place daily, but do some consulting now.


It's scary to understand how many people labor, but WITHOUT passion.


Whatever you do, have passion for it, if not, why are you doing it?


Why spend at least 1/3 of your life at something that doesn't excite you, at least most of the time?


I wish you passion in your labor, love in your life and good food in your belly.





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