He got me. Mom helped...

September 13, 2015

So I got an email at 11:30 at night from a local Mom, asking for simply an opportunity to chat about helping her and her son with a local charity.


I wrote back right away, and said sure, let's talk.


Apparently she thought I was a robot. Let me explain.


She had reached out the year before to a bunch of local businesses for small donations to help her son who battled (and WON) cancer about 4 years before for a fund raiser.  Apparently they had ZERO results.  ZERO?



The manager wasn't there, "I have to talk to corporate" and down to being downright nasty.  That is f*cked.  Sorry.


The kid beat cancer, and you can't give him a few minutes to pitch?  Wow.


So back to our story, she was in disbelief that the email from me was real.  It was most certainly.


We met last week, and I've agreed to help this Mom & Son team get the word out and raise some money.


 So this picture comes from his money raising page, and they are beating last year number by trying to raise $40,000.


Here is the way to donate...




I'm coming up with a fun promotion that will help the cause, but for now, can you share to Facebook and other social networks?


You rock, I appreciate your time and attention!






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