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What does your reservation really mean?

March 31, 2018

Please understand our motivation...


We're hoping that sharing some of this information helps you understand what we do with your "reservation" so we can give you the BEST experience possible.

Please give this a quick read below....

(and if you want to read the first post on reservations. here you go)

Chef Tony here.

I'm just going to speak quickly, and to the point.

We are always excited to take care of our guests, if you're here, you probably know that.

To do that, we take reservations, and plan as we can, as BEST as we can to get everyone in on time, and out at an appropriate time.

We are seeing that quite a few of our reservations are  actually arriving LATE.

Up to 50% on some nights.  Yes, 50%.

Our average seems to be around 30%.

Now you may be part of the 70%, and we APPRECIATE!

But if you're not, we wanted to help move the curve, since YOU coming in after someone else who is late...affects everyone.

One of the top things we have heard from our guests, and seen directly... are parking challenges.

So first, just know that many nights, the Bethesda parking lot across the street will be busy, and it will take you up to 10 minutes to find a space.  They are usually available, but going up and down will take a few minutes.

Please leave appropriate time to drop off your guests

and find a space before your reservation time.

Also there is a wonderful app for your phone that makes paying for parking MUCH EASIER (although we always have quarters for you at our bar).

The app is called "MobileNow" and you can click below on the picture to download.



I really hope this came off right, we LOVE feeding people, and arranging sometimes up to 130 people a night to dine with us takes quite a bit of planning!

We appreciate your time and patronage more than you know, and welcome your feedback.

If you want to send me any thoughts, please use the quick form below, I'll respond personally of course.




We at Chef Tony’s Fresh Seafood Restaurant appreciate your patronage and strive to give to quality meals at a good value, while continuing to give the best customer service.

Thank you for your consideration.

Chef Tony & Chef Sonia...


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