Why we do what we do?

We've crystalized what it is we ACTUALLY do.

Many moons ago, through a business exercise, we took the time to dig deep into WHY we do what we do.

Yes, we like to think we make excellent quality delish food.

We create craft cocktails, serve with smiles... but there was something else to clarify.

My friend Mali and I worked through many conversations, and recently as we are growing and wanted to clarify our mission... a random glance at our "SOAR Process" gave me the simple yet powerful revelation that 3cs made it clear.

🙋🏽‍♀️ Community: Everyone collectively circles around food, and the process of making it. Realizing that propbably 5% of the people who watch all these cooking shows ACTUALLY cooks something would not surprise me. But the realness of the cooking vessel building a community around it is real. Think of the campfire, the stove on thanksgiving, the bubbling pot of stew...people are drawn to the kitchen and service of providing food.

👨‍👧 Connection: We believe that food is one of our ultimate connectors. I have said so many times that if we sat 10 people around a table, from all areas in the world that didn't speak the same language...and we all ate together.. there WOULD be a connection...and a deep one. "Breaking bread" as I'd call it, is a powerful thing in all scenarios.

👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 Conversation: I am at my highest level of pride as I walk through our packed dining room listening to peoples conversations about family, business, good times, challenging times, whatever. From the oldest of tribes, conversation happens many times around a gathering focused on food.

❤️ Remember this as you gather for dinner. Are your family members distracted every 2 minutes by a "device" and the connection or conversation that was in play now broken? Not preaching here, but there are few times in our life that we can truly connect, converse and build our community. Let's try to hold those sacred and cherish those moments.

With love,

Tony & Sonia Marciante Proprietors.

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