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99 Bottles of Wine on the wall?

March 26, 2020

Linguini aglio e Olio... ever heard of it?


It's a simple dish, just roasted garlic, chili flakes, lots of Olive Oil and pasta.  A touch of salt & parsley...but man is it delicious!


It represents to me the essence of good Italian food...rustic, delicious and straight forward.  Add in a nice bottle of wine, what else do you need?


I brought two of these to my parents tonight, on a whim.


You see, we had an order come in tonight, and as many do, it had some special requests.


Sides of what I know to be...linguini aglio e olio.  As I was making it, I thought of my father, and how much he LOVES that dish.  I remember him ordering it a bunch at restaurants we'd go to. 


So I decided to make a few and take a "care package" to my parents for dinner.  Just on a whim.  It really warmed my heart, and since my wife could cover the kitchen... I ran it over with a bottle of wine, some salad and bread. 


Oh and of course, two portions of Tira Misu.  


I had to leave it on their steps, as much as it bothered me, I just couldn't risk bringing any outside air in.  I'm sure you can understand, as the situation with this virs we're going through is pretty unprecedented.


I get it, we're all in this together, and we're all trying to figure out the future.


As we move forward in our business, in these times...we want to clean out our wine vaults.  We're not sure how soon we'll be back to business, we we're going to offer you our wine as 40% off this week.


You see, we're a family run business, and in this time, we have to do everything we can do to survive this rough patch of seas.


So maybe you, or someone else you know enjoys great wine?


Just call us at the restaurant anytime this week after 4 pm and we can arrange a bottle or more for you.




We'd SO appreciate if you can help us spread the word.  As we reopen whenever we can in the next few weeks hopefully, we'll restock up and get ready to get back to what we absolutely LOVE TO DO.


Taking care of you and your family enjoying our great food and service...THAT is our nirvana.


Thanks for all your support, we hope you and your family are well during these bizarre and challenging times.



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