Chef Tony's Market?

March 28, 2020

As we all get used to this "new reality", aren't we all just "pivoting" a bit?


Getting used to NOT shaking hands?


Practicing "social distancing"?

(I prefer "physical distancing")


Finding shelves at grocery stores EMPTY, of the essentials?


We're ready to help with at least a little of that.                       

We were already in process to launch our own olive oils and dressings, that will continue


We'll be able to sell you our White Balsamic Dressings, our "Orange Sauce" and our Strawberry Malbec Sauce for our desserts.


Now as we pivot even more, we're considering to supply our guests with pastas, cheeses, meats and more. 


We have access to specialty suppliers that actually would be very happy to sell us to sell  you.


So if you're reading this far, help me out...what are you seeing out in the stores?  As in, what is out of stock as you go to your local places?


Pasta?  Tomato Sauces?  Meats?  I know toilet paper!?


Anything else, please leave me a comment below.


I can make these up in nice little bundles, and combine wih some easy to cook seafood, a cooking video and more.


How about a bottle of wine and loaf of bread with that??


Chef Tony's Market is born!


Comment below, and remember our Gift Card Sale is still ongoing...


<CLICK> here and get the 25% Bonus Card

for just a little bit more.


Thanks for reading, we TRULY appreciate all your support, orders, words of kindness and more.


We're all in this together, let's stay positive, and pull our collective energy together for a better future!


Chef Tony & Chef Sonia Marciante






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